Unique analytical and other instruments

Reaction and Process Design

  • COILSIM1D: simulation and optimization software for steam cracking processes
  • GCxGC analysis equipment for complex mixtures of feed/reaction products
  • Bench scale units for kinetic experiments
  • Temporal Analysis of Products (TAP) for puls-respons experiments
  • Two high-throughput kinetics set-ups for catalyst testing
  • Pyrolysis reactors for the thermochemical conversion of biomass
  • Microreactor equipment
  • CFD simulation tools
  • Tools for exergetic sustainability and life-cycle assessments

Industrial Biotech

  • Enzyme engineering: specialized software for protein modeling and docking (Yasara Structure)
  • Automated screening platform: high-throughput robots for colony picking and for liquid handling; microplate reader
  • Microbiology/molecular biology: PCR; electrophoresis; electroporation; laminar flow; bioreactors with shaking, T-control and data acquisition software; Bioscope Plug-flow reactor for rapid sampling experiments; Metabolic Flux Analysis Software (MFA); software for DNA and RNA analysis; ...
  • Purification/DSP (downstream processing): evaporators; (continuous) centrifuges; lyophilisator; ...
  • Product analysis: GC/HPLC with UV-VIS, IR, PAD, ELSD and MS detection
  • Microbial electrochemistry: rotating disc electrode for probing kinetics of anaerobic microbial metabolism; membrane electrolysis materials such as a potensiostat, custom-made Perspex plate-and-frame reactor, ion exchange membranes, iridium oxide coated titanium anodes, variety of cathode materials

Advanced Materials

  • Molecular characterization: structure elucidation with NMR, MALDI-TOF, on-line IR, GC- and LC-MS analysis, chiral HPLC, ...
  • Structural characterization: determination of molecular weight and molecular weight distribution of polymers via SEC and 2D LC/SEC; microstructural and crystallographical analysis of powders and thin layers; texture analysis; ...
  • Behaviour of solutions via turbidimetry, light scattering, determination of particle size, viscosimetry, ...
  • Surface visualization and characterization: measurement of microscopic features and microstructures at nanoscale supported by optical microscopy, SEM, TEM, AFM, IR mapping, XRD, XPS; surface interaction via static and dynamic contact angle measurements; quartz crystal microbalance-coupled ellipsometry
  • Thermal and mechanical analysis: study of thermal behaviour via differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA); study of mechanical behaviour via dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA), rheology and materials testing equipment