Course on Climate and Energy Transitions

14-06-2021 - 15:00 to 22-06-2021 - 12:00
Online (Microsoft Teams)

In June, a course on Climate and Energy Transition by Total Professeurs Associées is hosted by LCT/CSC. This course “Climate and Energy Transition” is dedicated to the analysis of the different energies and their evolution with regard to the world climate issues. Globally based on external and data – IEA (International Energy Agency), IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency), REN21 (Renewable Energy Now), ... - it underlines climate issues, presents the different energies impact on carbon emissions and provides a specific focus on low carbon energies (wind, solar, hydro, ...).

It gives participants a way to understand :
• major issues concerning greenhouse gases and impact on climate change
• scenarios and action plans recommended by international institutions to decrease CO2 emissions
• a precise description of each sustainable energy and their challenges
• methodology to assess costs for electricity production
• new energies for mobility and their Life Cycle Analysis
• update on position and challenges after Paris Agreement

After this course they should be able:
• to have a large view on all challenges concerning Energy Transition and the way to limit CO2 emissions
• to understand technical and economic challenges for main sustainable energies
• to acquire the methodology to assess and benchmark the costs of all energy sources
• to understand the challenge for mobility as well as the life cycle methodology
• to get an update on existing and future actions to cope with the objectives of Paris Agreement.

It constitutes a reference course for engineers, scientists, economists and more generally students having to understand these fundamental subjects based on actual analyses from major international institutions.”

This course is available as a Doctoral Schools specialist course with support of the Flemish Government.