Reaction & Process Design

Existing production processes need to be continuously optimised and new production processes must be intelligently designed.

The keywords here are sustainability, energy and raw material efficiency, productivity and flexibility.

Ghent University's world-renowned expertise in the following highly intertwined technology platforms makes it an authority in this area.

  • Technology platform 1: Advanced Reactor Technology - optimising existing technologies, development and scaling up of new (reactor) technologies.
  • Technology platform 2: Kinetic Modelling - provide understanding of the reaction mechanism of chemical processes. Specific expertise present includes the kinetic modelling of reactions in complex mixtures consisting of hundreds of types of molecules.
  • Technology platform 3: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) - study the hydrodynamics of single- and/or multiple-phase flows, allows visualisation of previously unknown, complex transport phenomena leading to an improved reactor/process design.
  • Technology platform 4: Catalyst Design - integration of kinetic and pulse-response experiments, modelling and characterisation allowing a rational catalyst design.
  • Technology platform 5: Sustainability Assessment - holistic approach which uses exergy analyses to focus on raw material consumption on the one hand and the efficiency of production and consumption chains on the other.

Clusters of expertise